A Love Letter

Dear Kids (because you'll always be my kids),

How am I doing? Have you noticed I've been trying to leave you alone?

I've been very careful not to phone, or email, or text too much. I try not to pry. Or second-guess your decisions.

When you are home and go out in the evening, I do my best to only say good-bye and not ask where you're going.

All in all, I think I'm doing a decent job of letting go and letting you become an adult not tied to the old apron strings. Not that I claim I'm always doing this right, but I think I'm improving and I want you to know I'm trying not to be that annoying mother who insists on clinging to her babies.

But. . .

Don't you think you could call once in a while? Or, perhaps send a quick email. Or even just a text saying, "Hi." Is that really too much to ask? It doesn't even have to be once a week. Maybe once every other week.

I know you're busy, but so am I. And I'll never be too busy to talk to you.





  1. And then there's my mom who insists on trying to micromanage my life and I'm almost 50. Drives me crazy. And that's why I only visit her once a week if I can help it.

    1. How sad your mom still feels like she needs to try and control your life. You are a good daughter to still visit regularly despite the stress involved.

  2. Well I am with you. I have let my kids go too - it was the most painful thing I think I have done! lol And my daughter is here and my son is in Ohio. I feel your pain!

  3. Sweet. I don't think kids understand the love we have for them until they have their own. Then, there's a new understanding. I can so relate to this. Hearing once a week from my kids would be awesome!