True. What a perfect Five Minute Friday word. I have been reading God's word with an emphasis on discovering what is true - according to God - not me, not the media version of truth, not anyone else's idea of truth, just God's.

Two months ago I began keeping a Truth Journal. As I read the Word, I try to discern what is true about God and what is He saying that is true. 

I have a son who seems to believe so many of the enemy's lies to the point that he starts to feel overwhelmed, anxious, inadequate, and depressed. At those times when we speak on the phone, I make it my mission to try and show him truth according to God's word. 

The enemy tries to take what is true, twist and distort it, and make us believe that lies are the truth. That is why he is called the father of lies. Our on-going mission needs to be filling ourselves to the brink and spilling over with God's truth according to His Word so that we cannot be fooled by lies from one whose mission it is to destroy us.

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  1. I love the idea of a truth journal and need to start one of my own ♥

  2. I've kept a prayer journal and a just talking to God journal, but I've never thought about keeping a truth journal from my study time in the word. What a great idea!

  3. I love the idea of a truth journal, too. I keep a prayer journal, but I could easily make room in it to record truths that God reveals to me.

  4. Yep, sadly, the enemy of our souls is out to get us, to tangle us in a wicked web of lies, deceit, guilt, and shame. I love that you're journaling {and blogging!} truth, my friend!

  5. Hi Elizabeth! I have never heard of a 'truth journal' before. What a great idea! It will help you in those times when you are called on to lift others, like your son. There is just so much out there that points to earthly things. It takes a lot of faith to go deeper. We need each other as supports.

    So glad I have you to help me on my way!
    Happy Sunday :)