Summer Madness

The month of May moved at an enjoyably slow pace, lots to do, but lots of relaxation as well. June passed like an out of control freight train. And July? We'll have to see whether the time drifts like a slow, lazy river or like a madly, rushing torrent.

I'm a sporadic goal setter, occasionally on fire and on target with my plans. Without actually intending to, I have set up a painting goal this summer. It all started with my daughter getting married and moving out. We decided to make her bedroom into an art studio for my husband. Since her possessions were (mostly) out of her bedroom it seemed like a great time to paint and put in new flooring.

That's when I got this crazy idea of painting this summer. The amusing part is that I don't
really like painting, but my poor beleaguered husband has many other home and car repairs keeping him busy so I felt guilty asking him to take on painting as well. Not only is he a fine landscape painter, but he's great at painting walls too.

One of my sons has been unable to find a summer job so far, therefore, I figured I had built-in, free labor. He and I have turned out to be a decent painting team. We have finished two bedrooms and one closet. The to-do list includes the kitchen, another bedroom, three (possibly four) closets, and the baseboards and chair rails in the dining room, living room, and hall.

An ambitious project for a non-painting, ambivalent goal setter. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you just jump in and get started.

In the meantime, the front and side gardens are full of flowers and weeds and our former vegetable garden (which may be one again next year) is rampant with everything but vegetables. You just can't get to everything, you know?

While the photo illustrating my paint-a-thon, isn't my own. it's a great representation of what my home looks like. It would never occur to me to take pictures of painting-work-in-progress. Probably because my hands are always covered in paint.


  1. You've got a lot of painting on your summer list! I don't really enjoy painting either, but I painted my granddaughter's room as soon as she got married and turned it into an office.

    1. Sometimes when we have an end-goal in mind it is easier to get motivated to do the job. I loved your holiday redo of your home that you posted on your blog.

  2. Painting's about the only home DIY I don't mind.

  3. Boy, you ARE painting up a storm! so glad your son is helping. My son helped with rolling. He's about 6 feet 3 in. so he could reach the ceilings without a ladder. it's great to have TALL help. :-) Is everything you're doing Steam White? it IS a bright color and does help everything look CLEAN. If I was closer, I really would help you!

    1. Two of my bedroom wall are Bird's Egg Blue (turned out bluer than I wanted, it seemed more grey on the swatch) the other two are Steam White. This was my husband's compromise solution when I was unhappy with the color of the first couple of walls. The room has an overall grey-blue feel now. AND IT IS SO CLEAN.
      Thanks for the lovely offer.