I realized last week that some of my favorite people, and bestest friends I've ever had, live in Texas. My favorite former president lives there too.

What is it about Texas that attracts nice people? I have flown into Texas for connecting flights to other places and I've driven across that square, top part of Texas (lots of cows) and it took allll day to do it, but I've never actually stayed there.

I know that native and adopted Texans are loyal people. I mean really, where do all those Dallas Cowboy fans come from? It is a wide open country - except for the large metropolitan areas - filled with opportunity and room to spread out. Perhaps that is part of the attraction. Most of my friends moved there because of employment opportunities, always a good reason to make a move.

California, Virginia, and New York are all places I've called home, and each is special in its own way, but I have had the itch to move for a while. A desire to live in a brand new place, meet different people, experience a new way of life, and have a grand adventure. Maybe Texas is calling my name. Or the U.K., I'm quite sure it is calling my name as well.

Could there possibly be two such totally different places? Shows I appreciate variety I suppose.  How about you, are you happily ensconced where you are or do you have a yen to live somewhere new?


  1. Hey Elizabeth ~ Always glad to meet a fellow NY blogger ... haven't met too many of us out there. And yes, some of my dearest friends left NY along the way for TX. I hear you!


  2. I'm not a NYer any more. I was born and raised there, moved back for a short time in my 30s, but now live in VA.