Yarn, Not an Addiction, Just Therapy

For last year's A-Z Challenge I also posted about yarn for the letter Y in which I shared my growing addiction to yarn.

I now have three plastic bins filled with yarn and a basketful of yarn in my bedroom. Robyn, the owner of my favorite yarn store, and I have become even better friends. When my son bought me a gift certificate for her store for a Christmas present (perfect gift), Robyn told him that she loved me.

I'm not here to talk about addictions this year, but hobbies. Knitting and now crocheting are two hobbies I thoroughly enjoy. I gain so much satisfaction producing a beautiful and useful item with my hands.

Hobbies are therapeutic and beneficial. They can

  • help us relax
  • take our mind off our problems
  • enable us to make new friends
  • teach us new skills
  • keep us physically fit (depending on the hobby, baking might be a problem hobby)
  • develop us into more interesting people as we learn new things
  • give us something to look forward to
  • possibly stave off dementia
  • provide endless fun and entertainment.
For me, buying yarn, knitting, and crocheting are not addictions, they are hobbies . . . and therapy.

Can you add anything to the list? What are your hobbies?


  1. Your list is great- I can't think of much more. My main hobby right now is crochet- yarn is what I posted about today!

    For me it definitely is therapy, meditation, creativity, productiveness and goodness all wrapped up in one. :)

  2. My dad and I share a love of the hobby of walking. While he is no longer physically capable of hiking in the mountains with me, we always take the time to walk together when I go out to visit.

    I also paint, write, do photography and whatever new thing that appeals to me.

  3. Love that illustration, Elizabeth ... but I'm thinking that many of us are not delving into those pasttimes too much any more because we're always at the computer ...


  4. I love to crochet. Also my blog was on the word Yarn. Only it was a tall tale. Good post

  5. My Nana taught me how to crochet and knit neither I've done neither in years. I've read a lot of blogs about both during A-Z and I'm feeling a little guilty for letting it slide. Maybe I should pick it up again.

  6. So cool to see others blogged about yarn for the A to Z Challenge.

  7. oh how I wish I only had three totes and a basket of yarn. I'm addicted to buying the stuff, but my hobbies are knitting and crocheting

  8. absolutely agree. Hobbies/crafts help keep me sane! Here's a look at all the stuff I've been addicted to (and then dumped) over the years: http://adventuresintheballpark.blogspot.com/2010/10/over-summer-i-cleaned-out-few-closets.html
    I do stuff for about 2 years and then I need something new. I don't know if this is good, or bad. :-) My sister loves to crochet. :-)