Zen State

Working in the garden . . . gives me a profound feeling of inner peace
Ruth Stout

Z-day has finally arrived. I almost didn't make it since April turned out to be unusually, unpredictably busy. A state of zen has been reached now that April 30 is here.

Peace. What brings you a sense of peace? My son asked me this question recently and I've been considering it since. Like the author of the quote, I feel a sense of peace while working in my garden. I feel that same peace while cleaning my house, bringing order out of disorder, cleanliness out of mess. I feel peace when all is well with my husband and children. I feel peace when our income exceeds our out go.

If we base our sense of peace on feelings of security and happiness, on outside circumstances, we're destined to be disappointed because our circumstances are often filled with turmoil. A true sense of peace can only be found in relationship with God.

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:32-33

I think I finally have an answer for my son. I feel peace, true peace, when I am regularly reading my Bible, when my prayer life is consistent, when I am quiet enough to hear the voice of God and trusting that His way is best.


  1. I totally agree with your ways of finding peace. If only I would always remember to do these things!

  2. True peace is not in circumstances! You are right. So, in good times and bad we need to strengthen ourselves in the Lord.

  3. Congratulations in completing the A to Z Challenge.


  4. Great word and a great place to be! Congratulations!

  5. Great job on finishing!

    Gardening doesn't give me peace it makes me sweaty, yucky but true.

    But I'm with you cleaning makes me feel peace, crazy but true :)

  6. I think having a sense of purpose gives me peace. I don't like feeling 'at loose ends'. I think to- do lists might give me some peace! But I also get peace when I give my problems over to God..sometimes over and over and over! I don't like to carry them myself!

  7. Amen, Elizabeth, that peace that passes understanding which can only come with time bathed in His presence. Great finish Elizabeth and how wonderful to complete the challenge by turning us back to the Lord for our peace and our answers. Congratulations. God bless, Maria

  8. Exactly. I'm most at peace too, when I'm home and organizing the ballpark, bringing order to the mess. Baking does that for me too. I have learned too that only in God do we have lasting peace. Everything else is transitory.
    from The Dugout