Spring 2013

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
Anne Bradstreet

The season of spring is like being in your 20s, the world, is fresh and blooming, young and green, optimistic and hopeful, and the promise of summer and a bright future are ahead. In springtime, like in your 20s, everything seems possible.

But, is that the reality?

Exciting college days filled with learning, exploration, and optimism evolve into a reality of finding employment, paying off student loans, and learning how to live life in an unpredictable world outside the idealistic walls of a college campus.

While for some of us spring and its accompanying coat of yellow-green pollen is here, others are still shoveling snow or worse, beginning the grinding labor of cleaning a home flooded and damaged. Or sifting through the rubble of a home destroyed by an explosion. Or burying their dead who didn't survive the explosion, or the bombing in Afghanistan, or arrive home victorious after a marathon.

Spring, like being in your 20s, is a tricky and unpredictable thing.

What Joy Is Mine


  1. You are right, Elizabeth. There is always something to be mournful of. I am grateful that spring lifts our heads to gaze upon its beauty and remind us to also be renewed. God bless, Maria

  2. So grateful that all my troubles for this spring can be said in one word...pollen. But like Maria I am ever aware that I don't live on an island and am ever aware of those who suffer around me and sympathize.

  3. I think that quote is terrific! sandie

  4. Great post! Yes, Spring can be so unpredictable. Just like life! :)