What I Did Today

Here is a list of what I did this morning instead of working on my taxes:

  1. Took out the garbage
  2. Did a load of laundry
  3. Ate a banana
  4. Played Bubble Shooter on my laptop
  5. Put dinner in the slow cooker
  6. Checked my email
  7. Straightened the house
  8. Visited my favorite social network (no, not FB)
  9. Started emptying the dishwasher
  10. Read my Bible
  11. Watched the birds on the feeder
  12. Wrote a blog post.
Now it's 12:30 p.m. Our tax appointment is at the end of the week. I obviously learned nothing from reading Eat That Frog!


  1. ;-}

    And thanks for dropping by amidst all the other fun things you did!

  2. If my day was like yours I'd actually think I accomplished something. Mine looks like this: get up, read to the kids and pray, read my Bible, drive daughter to college, eat cereal, take a shower, dye my hair, drive to pick up daughter from college. And by that time, it was time for my hubby to come home from work. Ugh!

  3. No, but you had a great day - right? sandie

  4. After reading your list, I think I need to not do my taxes some day this week! That's what I call a productive day! Cute post. :)

  5. Tax stuff is never fun. Your list sounds much better!