Easy as A to Z

It's that time again. Sign-ups start today for the 2013 Blogging From A to Z April Challenge at the official  A to Z Blog site.  Blog writers on all subject matters under the sun are invited to link up their blog. 

And here's the fun part - you have to post every day in April (except Sundays), using the letters of the alphabet as your theme for each day. So on April 1, your blog post theme should begin with the letter A, on April 2 your post should center on something beginning with the letter B and so on until April 30 when your post is all about something starting with Z. This is all explained so much better here.

Not only are you challenged to post daily in April, but highly encouraged to read other's blogs as well beginning with the blog below yours.
There are tremendous benefits to reading as many of the other blogs as you can in April. Because of last year's Challenge, I met some writers publishing their first novels and had the opportunity to read advance copies and publish reviews on my blog. I learned about topics I wouldn't normally encounter in my reading. I learned new words. And I discovered many of what have become my favorite blogs that I still follow faithfully, my own little blogging community.

I've been thinking about how I'm going to handle the Challenge in 2013 and still stick to my basic theme of life transitions, and I believe I have it figured out. All I have to do is start researching and writing. Join the fun, it gets crazy but it's worth it.


  1. just joined myself, but have no idea what I'm doing!

  2. Welcome aboard!! It's going to be a fun ride!! :)

  3. Thanks for this post, just got back from a trip and missed the announcement, yours is the first I've seen. Going over to sign up. Last year was so much fun :)