Have You Heard the One About . . .

Have you had a good laugh lately?

My husband and I were filling out health assessments last week because we would receive some extra health benefits through his company's insurance plan by completing them. One of the questions asked referred to laughter, something about did you laugh today, or how many times did you laugh in the last week. I'm happy to report I could say I laugh everyday, normally several times a day.

Chatty Crone
Although I've written about humor before, it's a topic worth looking at over and over again because it is both physically and mentally life-enhancing. Unless you're living through a very difficult and tragic time, you can usually find something to laugh at - particularly if you're willing to laugh at yourself.

 Here's a brief list of how I fill my humor tank:

  1. BBC comedy is my not-so-secret addiction. I don't know if it is how they say things in the UK, or the scenarios concocted, but I find them much funnier than U.S. comedy programs. 
  2. My husband and sons are funny people, if you find puns funny, that is (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't). But it's nice to live with creative men who possess a great sense of humor. They help fill my daily laughter quota.
  3. I've written about humor blogs before, but this one deserves another mention, Chatty Crone. One Friday she wrote something like "It's Friday, time to do your happy Friday booty dance." I burst out laughing. It was so ridiculous, how could I not laugh?
As I wrap up today, let me share something I'm still laughing about days later. Last week my son woke up and said he'd had the strangest dream. He dreamt he was a fertilizer delivery man who used a motor scooter to make his deliveries. Can't you just picture it? My manly, bearded son riding a tiny little motor bike with bags on fertilizer balanced on the back. The only element that could have made this funnier was if he'd been wearing a tutu.

So, this is what makes me laugh. What do you find funny?


  1. So I'm laughing too at the thought of a boy on a scooter with poop bags on the back!

    1. Tell me about it! I told him that was a real incentive to staying in college.

  2. Wow thanks for the mention. I know that laughter can heal you and make you feel better for sure. And I also believe that God wants us to be happy. That there is a time to be sad and a time to be HAPPY. Insurance companies are just now promoting it. Sandie

  3. I'm not sure I laugh a lot but I smile a lot...does that count??

    1. I think smiling counts, it still equals happiness.

  4. I love Chatty Crone too! Real life cracks me up. Just the crazy things we all do!