ROTFLMBO (Do I Have That Right?)

I'm normally a rather serious person, I think. But underneath my mature and responsible veneer I am something of an idiot. Well maybe idiot isn't the right word, but I can't think of what is the right word.  What I'm am trying to explain in this inarticulate and confused fashion is that I like to find things to laugh about.

For years I've found myself wanting to laugh at the most inopportune times, like in church during a sermon, when confronting an angry person, or at funerals.  Some strange trigger is flipped in my head and inappropriate and amusing (amusing to me anyway) ideas flash into my mind.

When watching movies, I'd far rather watch comedy than drama.  Same thing with blogs.  I am moved to tears by spiritually meaningful blog posts. My brain is stimulated by thought-provoking blog discussions on the human condition.  My creativity is awakened by Pinterest and knitting and crafting blogs.  But my true love is humor blogs.

And my most favorite humor blogs?  Those that take the crazy happenings of a normal day and find the humor in them.

When I was a kid Erma Bombeck, who I view as one of the great humor writers of the 20th century, wrote a syndicated column featured in our local paper.  Now, I was just a kid and she wrote about being a wife and mother, foreign territory to me.  But even then, I knew funny when I read it and eagerly flipped to her column which was always good for a laugh.

Humor is an amazing tool.  It is good for
  • chasing away dark and angry thoughts
  • dispelling depression and gloom
  • banishing worries
  • occupying a brain that is dwelling over and over again on a problem.
In celebration of humor I'd like to share a few of my favorite funny blogs.
Experienced Bad Mom shares what life is like as a mother of two who just keeps getting it wrong.  MOV (mothersofbrothersblog) is another mom blog, but with a slightly more twisted view.  Her inspiration, Muse (or should that be her alter ego Muse?), is also entertaining in a kind of too hot to handle scary fashion.  My most recent find is Chatty Crone.  I'm new in her neighborhood, but she already has me laughing.  Her all-over-the-place blog makes me chuckle, or at least smile, every time.

If you need a laugh, or just love to laugh because it makes you happy, visit one of these entertaining women.  And please share some of your favorite humor blogs with me too.


  1. A daily dose of humor is a necessity! Back when we got the newspaper, I always had to read all the comics (except Mark Trail.) Now I have a humor section on my Google reader with Engrish.com, cakewrecks.com, catalogliving.net and a bunch of other sites to make sure I get a few chuckles a day.

    1. I'll make sure to check these out. You can't laugh too much, well maybe you can, but I've never reached that point yet.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Elizabeth! Much appreciated. A blog that I've been reading since our Blogelina days, that cracks me up and educates me about Sweden (!), is loulouloves.me. :)

    1. In addition to humor blogs I also love blogs about people living in other countries. Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. May I ask a dumb question? What does the title mean? If it is something very obvious I'm going to feel very dumb. Oh well...go with the feeling as my guys would say. Linked to the blogs you suggested. Great stuff. Free and easy and happy writing. Thanks. And the Muse, like you said, too hot to handle, yikes! Not sure I'd let mine out of her cage, but it is funny in a non-denial, get real kind of way. Very interesting. I could never be brave enough for that...I don't really have a favorite humor blog, but The Nester always makes me laugh with her candid, honest style.

    1. There are no dumb questions!
      Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off is what the acronym stands for.
      My son informed me there are other less polite variations, but I am not familiar with them ;)
      I'll check out The Nester, thanks.
      Regarding Muse, yep, if she were mine I think I'd keep her locked in the attic.