Joy to the World

The joy candle is lit for the third Sunday in Advent. 

I would normally have had this post written and posted by Friday morning, but I got a bit behind. And as I contemplated how to write about joy, I was struck by the almost inappropriateness of discussing joy today. In light of yesterday's horrific events, it is difficult to blog about having a heart full of joy at the celebration of Christ's birth and joy in anticipating eternal life with Him.

But perhaps that is exactly why we need to think about joy. The world we live in is a sick and dying world filled at times with unimaginable sorrow. In order to keep ourselves from sinking into a deep hole of despair we must, no matter how difficult, continue to look for joy. In order to find joy we must look to Christ. He helps us to find sense in the senseless, meaning in the midst of confusion and joy despite the sorrow.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.
John 16:33

Take Heart.


  1. Oh Elizabeth I think your post was a timely one. It's so hard to even watch the news on this terrible event. My heart like any is so filled with grief. But I am reminded that someday the evil will be gone and there will be no more of these sad grieving days. Good post, glad you listen to Him and posted. Merry Christmas

  2. Possibly the best thing I have read about this. Thanks.

  3. John 16:33 gives hope. Thank you ...

  4. This life is temporary, and it's only through Christ that we have any hope!

  5. Oh, thank you. John 16:33 - excellent, encouraging words. I put them to a tune years ago(from another chorus, or something, I don't quite remember) but your words remind me to sing it - hum it - praise it to the Lord who is in control, who still moves mountains and births seeds. A deep thank you.

  6. It is such a sad time. It is hard to know what to say. But I think forcing ourselves to thin about joy is a good thing. sandie

  7. There is SO much sorrow Kathleen I think joy is a good thing! Thanks for posting this I needed to read something uplifting.

  8. This morning in church, we started the worship service with "Joy to the World". The world needs this reminder that He has come, and brings joy. Thank you for this very timely and needed post.

  9. Elizabeth, You always have a way of stating the sublime quite simply! Thank You for sharing your Heart. It's been a hard several weeks for me and this Situation added to it. Yet, "I will lift Up mine eyes..." ;-}