Reading and Reviewing

Ever since I was a little girl, my dream job has been to read for a living.  After graduating from college I could have tried to get a job with a publishing company, but I never pursued it and my life moved in other directions.

I still think this would be a wonderful job (although I'd also really love to be a lighthouse keeper, but I don't think that job exists anymore).  However, I still don't live in an area where there are publishing companies and I can't just pull up stakes and move as easily as when I was single.

But I am excited to announce a new transition for the Transitional-Woman!

My dream is sort of coming true, that is, although I'm not being paid for it (except in free books - who's complaining?), I have been given the opportunity to read and review three books on this blog in the near future.  My chance to review two of these came about because of the Blogging A to Z Challenge.  How cool is that?

The books are from genres I don't usually read, but I find myself eager to read something different for a change.  Two of the books had online excerpts that sounded great, which is why I approached the authors asking if I could review them.  One of the author's generously sent a copy of the first book in her series so I can read it first before reading book two for review.

Because I've had the chance to read hundreds of different blogs during the Challenge, I've discovered so many hard-working authors laboring over their books trying to get them published.  I respect their efforts and wish these transitional men and women great success.

Today's letter is R in the Blogging A to Z Challenge 

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  1. Are you open to reviewing more? I have a self-published women of the Bible collection that I'd LOVE to have you review. And of course you get your own copy!

  2. Are those books from your personal library? They look great! *casually steals, er, borrows a couple*

    Hope you have fun reviewing books! I like getting free copies, too. ^_^

    1. No they're not my books. My shelves are a little bit dustier.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! The local indie bookstore let the bookclubs choose some galleys to take home to read and review. It was awesome reading a book without having hearr any opinions or read any reviews on it first; kind of sends you in very open-minded.

  4. Congratulations, E.!! I always wished to have a 'job reading,' too... An Education degree, minors in English and a few other areas, and constantly 'proofreading' everything I read are as close as I got... Glad you made it work! Will look forward to the posts...

  5. I hope you're going to participate in the A to Z Challenge Reflection post on May 7th and tell this story about the reviewing opportunities that arose as a result of the Challenge. This is just the thing we want to share with others. I too have received a number of books and reviewed them on my blog since I started blogging. It's another door opened that is fun and rewarding.

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    My Main blog is Tossing It Out

    1. I do plan to participate in the Challenge Reflection post, but hadn't gotten as far as determining what I'd write (I still have to write posts for X, Y, and Z!). Thanks for the great idea.
      Since I wrote this post, I've been approached by another author to review her book. Very exciting.

  6. I think many of us bloggers love to write and read.

    Good for you for finding the review opportunity. Sounds like awesome fun. visiting from a to z blogging.
    Good luck with the finish!