Welcome to Five Minute Friday.  Today's word is Real

Now here's a challenging word, real.  In a world that is so ready to believe what is false, people so ready to behave falsely it is more than hard to be real.  We become used to pasting on the false smile and saying we are "Fine!"  when fine is generally the last thing we feel.

Why do we feel the need to lie?  Why are we so unwilling or so afraid to be real?  Maybe it's pride.  Who wants to appear less than perfect to all the perfect-looking people around us in their perfect-seeming worlds?

I struggle with being real and always have, I feel like I have to cover up the less than perfect person that I am.  I think I am afraid others won't like me if they discover who I really am.

And so I behave as falsely as everyone else in the land of cosmetic surgery called America.

One of the goal-ish ideas I've had since the year began is to be more honest with myself about who I am and my failings faults and strengths and to try to be more real with the people around me, not pretending I have my life perfectly tied together and that I am perfectly......

Five Minute Friday
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  1. ok so from what I gathered is that you are willing but you are fearful...you know what...tell Fear to take a hike. You are amazing. you have such amazing things to offer and get this, NO ONE is perfect. not even the person you think is...so we only are given today - make the most of it - be real with yourself and with others...Jesus was so real and those who didn't like it left and those who loved it stayed...and in the end He really only had 3 close friends...that's ok. so I agree with the prayers you are praying that you would crack outta your shell and be who God created YOU to be ...have a great weekend!

  2. This is great. Being yourself is the best thing ever, even if you aren't perfect you are being honest and that's all that matters


  3. Who's perfect?

    It's good to be honest and YOU.

  4. This is really awesome, Elizabeth.
    And as someone who is very publicly on my own journey to real (authenticity) I definitely can relate to what you are saying.

    My fear about being real has always been tied more to being open about my faith in my non "christian" settings, like work and in my community. Being true to who I am, in ALL ways, and in ALL places...

    So... I do understand.

    I am cheering you on, Lady!!

  5. I appreciate your insight here - Although I am 'real' to all, I am Very Private because of many painful situations/people in my life... I haven't felt that this is being 'unreal' - and when one takes time to get to know me, one does see the 'real' me. Even in (especially in) Christian circles, there is soooo much criticism that one tends to be quite guarded, unfortunately. Good to know that others struggle with this, also. Thanks, Hon, be 'real' and comfortable with me! ;-}