On the Loss of Her Child

Dear Nichole,
I can only imagine that this has been the hardest week of your life.  Losing a child  is a tragedy.  There is no other word for it.

I wish I were there to sit by your hospital bed holding your hand, praying with you and just being there.  I have cried for you and your loss every day. Can the tears of others wash away some of the pain?  I don't know.

What would be the words that anyone could offer you right now that would comfort?  I'm so sorry, I love you, God is with you....all good words, all true words, but not enough.

I know I am one of many pouring out a steady stream of prayers to the One who knows your pain, the One who lost His child too.  I hope you feel Him surrounding you with love and strength.

I am praying for you continually.
Your Sister in Christ

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  1. I am so sorry to hear of your - and your friend's - loss... Having gone through this with Several friends, it's true...that 'there are no words' at this time and that loving them, praying for them and just 'being there for them' is the Best we can do - God will comfort in His time and way... ;-}

  2. Praying, and rejoicing in the friend and support that she has in you.