Gettin' a Face Lift

The Transitional-Woman is getting a face lift.  Not me, the blog.

Not that I would object to some nipping, tucking and lifting myself, but I don’t think I could convince the insurance company to foot the bill.

No, Transitional-Woman is in the midst of being revamped with a fresh, clean look so that it will be easier and more enjoyable to read.  And along with the evolving new look, because I’m not finished yet, I’ve been refining the blog’s focus.  I hope to write about not only the transitions I am facing in my life, but transitions women face in many stages of life.

Hope you’ll enjoy the changes in both look and content.  If you have any comments or suggestions or topics you'd like to read about,  please feel free to share them.

Some other bits of news….
 I’ll be removing the Google Friends Connect widget from the sidebar soon so you’ll need to click on the new NetworkedBlogs icon to become a follower of Transitional-Woman.

And finally, the winner of the DaySpring giveaway was Katy.  Congratulations Katy!


  1. I won't be able to read you in Google Reader. I'll just have to switch and read you over on Facebook.

    Your new changes are nice! I've been thinking about changing my look too. Something purpley.

  2. Yay for me! Actually, I have been browsing the Dayspring website and will use my gift certificate towards something Valentine's Day-ey. :) Liking the new look a lot!