Delight - simple, beautiful

             5 Minute Friday

What a happy word, delight.  I am filled with a sense of delight as I sit in a small rocker with tapestry cushions in the corner of my bedroom.

 It is a blue sky day with puffy white clouds,  The wind is blowing briskly sending my neighbors many, many wind chimes singing and clattering.

My fingers are still adjusting to the different keyboard configuration of my new 5-day-old laptop.  A gift from the delight of my life, my husband of almost 26 years.

I said this is a great Valentines present and you're off the hook for my birthday in March too.  He said really?  But not happily because he delights in pleasing me and blessing me.

The delight my husband bestows on me lifts me up and makes me a better person.   I want to be as  nice a person as he is.

I want to be delightful.  To bring delight to others.  To bring delight to my Lord.  To delight in my Lord.  To be as full of pleased happiness and thankfulness to Him the giver of all good things as I am pleased with my husband who excels in delighting and blessing.

I relish this five minutes of delight and peace.  A brief stolen moment in time.

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  1. how delightful are our husbands?!! such a gift you've been given, in him and in his offering! I wish I had a rocking chair...seems a delightful way to spend the afternoon!

  2. My husband is a prince among men. I am blessed.
    Well, I only got to spend 5 minutes in that rocking chair; but I was glad to at least have that. You must go and get yourself a rocker. There's no better place to rock away your cares!

  3. Your husband sounds great, what a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. While I don't have a rocking chair, I do have a chair that I spend so much of my time in and I just love being able to relax there.

  4. I am so pleased that You are blessed with a good husband! I used to have a precious rocking chair in which I rocked my children many a night...! I have neither now - just memories... I try to dwell on and Delight in the 'good ones'... ;-}