Shake it Up Baby

Do you know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut?  Day by day, by month, by year and suddenly a decade is gone; a decade!  And you look back and ask yourself "What do I have to show for it?"

Have I actually accomplished anything?  Do I have anything to show for all of the days that have sort of blended together and passed at warp speed all at the same time?  Those approximately 3,652 days (depending on how many leap years there were) that have gone by?

Whether you're on a career path, a homemaker path, a travelers path, a  motherhood path, a homeschooler path, a retiree path, some other path altogether or any assortment of these, it is so very easy to get so caught up in the daily routine that you forget to look at the larger picture of life.

You focus so intently on the one square inch of canvas you're dwelling in that you completely forget to look at life's large and colorful painting.

I am a believer in looking back and analyzing the past, but not dwelling in it.  Life can end in a blink, literally.  Living in regrets and mistakes from the past, and living (or existing) just day by day are such a waste.

So maybe you don't think you've done anything worthwhile in the previous decade (but I suspect you have and are just being too hard on yourself), make a promise to yourself to make the next decade count.

So shake it up, baby!  Try to live each day with purpose even when it's just a routine day.  Begin learning something you've always wanted to learn.  Work on changing that thing about yourself that you've never liked.  Make a plan for something - anything - and outline the steps you can take to make it happen.

Dream the dream you used to dream but stuffed in the drawer all those years ago.

Carpe Diem!

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  1. You know, taking our blogs to the next level (and I confess I don't have a grand dream of what that is for me) IS exciting in a learn-something-new-every-day way. And when I conquer something technological I feel really great! Until the next technology glitch, that is. :)

    1. It's been the same for me. Very exciting and empowering.