Take Back the Day

St. Valentines Day is one of those tricky "holidays".  It celebrates love, more specifically, romantic love.  But, what if a woman doesn't have a husband or a boyfriend?  What if she doesn't have children or parents?

What does a  woman alone do when presented with all of the seeming evidence that everyone around her is loved, but not her?  Her co-workers discuss romantic dinner plans and receive floral deliveries and flash their diamond engagement rings and all she can do is smile and nod and perhaps feel a little empty inside.

I think we need to re-define Valentine's Day and make it not a celebration of love received, but of love given.  God's kind of love.  Perhaps our goal could be to see how many ways  we can show love to others.  The kind of love that gives with no expectation of a return.

I challenge you, and I challenge me, to see how many people we can show love to on February 14.

 Maybe we can start with those people we don't even like, let alone love.  How about the unfriendly neighbor, the  driver who cuts you off, the supervisor who makes your life miserable, the rude sales clerk.  God's kind of love is the kind that loves the unlovable.

Who are the unlovables in your life?  How can you show them  a God kind of love on Valentine's Day?

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  1. Elizabeth, loved your blog...like the of using Valentine Day to show God's love. What an encouragment this would be and I think many would come to know the King of love through this action. Great challenge. Blessings..Betty

  2. Good Thoughts!! I admit to 'hiding' at this (as well as some other) 'holiday' and it is hard to be around the hoopla of Romance when one is totally alone in life... It just 'rubs it in' worse than at other times. (BTW - I don't seem to be getting your blog by eMail since you changed to this new format... Shall I sign up again? Not sure what happened...)

    1. I think our view of love is too wrapped up in equating love with romance. Love is bigger than that.
      Re. email, it may have happened because I disable Goggle Friend Connect and changed to Networked Blogs, not sure. I think you'll have to sign up for email again.

  3. Your post read so clear and true to me! I always think of someone close to me who is single and the day should be about all the ways she is loved and can be shown love, not just about whether she has a boyfriend or husband.