We roar with rage.  We roar with pain.  We roar with frustration.  We roar when experiencing so many painful and, sometimes, sinful emotions.  There seems to be no other way to express ourselves when the unfairness of life descends on us and presses us down.

The word of God tells us that sometimes God speaks through a storm.  And sometimes He speaks with a still, small voice.  At times, a roar is the appropriate response, but at other times a quiet response, a whisper, a silent acceptance is what is needed.

Whatever happens, and whatever feelings we experience we are not left alone.  We have someone who hears our roars, the loud roars and the silent roars of our hearts.

And so in the midst of writing, the blue screen of death appeared and my son asked, "Did that make you want to roar?"

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  1. had to smile as i read your ending...

    visiting from gypsy mama.

  2. roar   [rawr, rohr]
    verb (used without object): to utter a loud, deep cry or howl, as in excitement, distress, or anger.

    As I read this, I was thinking that the very sound of a roar represents its emotion's root; this definition even uses the word 'deep'. The sound has depth and so does the emotion that causes it.

  3. He who hears the silent roars of our hearts...
    Amen, amen.
    I love that.


  4. This is very appropriate to my life in recent days... Thank You for Shaing - It's a 'small encouragement' that someone else understands... I know He does...