Starting to Finish

We are taking one more day of holiday time so we'll officially start our 2012 homeschool year tomorrow.  But I'm spending some of today scheduling out the rest of this year's school work for my remaining homeschool student.

This is the final stretch of a 17 year race.  On June 9, 2012, this young man will graduate from our homeschool high school, the fourth and final graduate from Emmanuel Christian Home School.

He has been diligently sending in his college applications and has one and a half to go.  This is challenging for both the student and the homeschool parent who needs to fill out all of the academic paperwork that is normally handled by a guidance counselor.

We are starting to approach the finish line quickly.  He will go on to a university and I will be out of a job.  Because make no mistake, homeschooling is a full-time job and then some.

He and I are both transitioning.  He knows where he is going (or will know after he receives his acceptances or rejections and then makes the final decision).  

And me?  Well, I am slowly beginning to sift through options (but must speed up) and praying.  Don't know what I'm transitioning toward yet, but I'm getting ready.

Image source: picturesof.net


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I'll be pleased to go on this blogging journey with you. Great to know you are a sister. I hope you can help me tame my tongue and make sure my gift (!?) of humor is edifying. I'm honored to follow your transitional journey.