What's Cookin'

Victory!  Sunday's apple jelly, despite my misgivings about the pectin that didn't dissolve and not knowing until too late that I should have put my jars of potential jelly into a canning pot filled with simmering water, actually jelled, and better than that tastes really, really good!

You may notice that we already tried it on pumpkin pancakes and jar #1 is almost empty.

Today's cooking adventure involves making yogurt in a slow cooker.  (Notice the vintage slow cooker.  It was a wedding present 25 years ago and still going strong.) By the way, the pumpkin pancakes and slow cooker yogurt recipes come courtesy of http://moneysavingmom.com.  I actually own two yogurt makers, but they are such a hassle to use, that I never use them.  However, we eat a lot of yogurt.  I'm hoping this is the answer.

Tomorrow, pumpkin butter?


  1. OK. I might need to get your crockpot yogurt recipe. I used to make my own back in prehistoric times, but I haven't made it for years. Back then I used to just set it in my oven with the pilot light on. Now I have an electric oven.

  2. The jelly was suuuper yummy! (And a pretty color to boot!) By the way, how did the yogurt turn out?