The Cooking Continues

I'm not sure about the yogurt adventure.  When I looked at it this morning is was very liquid-like.  It's in the refrigerator now where I am hoping it will thicken.  I would post a picture, but it just looks like vaguely thick milk.  Not very exciting.

Regarding pumpkin butter:  while looking for information on how to adapt the pumpkin butter recipe I was given into a recipe using low sugar pectin I came across information stating that pumpkin butter should not be hot water bath processed and stored at room temperature.  Due to being a low-acid fruit there is a danger of botulism.  As you know, I am trying to not poison my family, so I am still making pumpkin butter today, but it is in the slow cooker at the moment and the resulting pumpkin butter will be stored in the freezer instead. 

Sad, sad.  I wanted to see all of my cute little canning jars lined up and filled with good things in the pantry.

If I have the time and energy I plan to make granola this afternoon.  I've used a great recipe from this book lots of times and it makes the best granola in the world (no exaggeration).

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  1. I don't know where my old yogurt recipe went. I should really try to find it. You are inspirational! I'm sure the pumpkin butter will be just as good in the freezer. What do you eat your pumpkin butter on?