If You Were Stranded . . .

. . . on a deserted island, what book or books would you want to have stashed in your survival

Being a smart-aleck, I'd say, "I would have my Kindle with dozens of books loaded on it." Poor idea. No electricity on a deserted island.

What has enough oomph to keep me mentally engaged, challenged, and  entertained for who knows how many years?

Pick number one would be the Bible. The contents are meaty enough to chew on for a lifetime. If I couldn't have the entire Bible, I would choose Psalms, Isaiah, and Philippians. Psalms because it teaches me how to pray and praise. It comforts me when I am distressed and overwhelmed. Isaiah because it assures me that what God promises and prophesies always comes to fruition. It plainly outlines that evil will be punished. It reminds me that He will return. And it is long - lots of reading material to while away the day. Philippians because it is a book of love and encouragement. Whenever I read it, I feel soothed, encouraged, and loved by God.

A second pick would be anything by C.S. Lewis. His thought processes, logic, and huge intellect are mind bending. Even a short book by Lewis takes me forever to read because each sentence is packed with layers of meaning.

Because my survival pack has to be stuffed with essentials other than books, there probably wouldn't be room for any more, but if I had a verrry large pack, I would want to include Jan Karon's Mitford and Father Tim books. I've read through the series two or three times and never tire of them. Books filled with genuine, fallible characters who choose to love each other, despite being frustrated by each other, are inspirational. Besides, if I were all alone, they would feel like my friends and neighbors.

Oh, and I'd want to have my reading glasses.

What would be your pick? Fiction or non-fiction? Fantasy? Inspirational? Romance?

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  1. mmm ... good question! (And yes, I love Jan Karon, too!}

    Here's the 10 books I use daily -

    Now ... to figure out what ones I won't need on that proverbial desert isle!

    1. I'm going to hop over and check your 10 books (although I think I read it last year, I can't remember your list).

  2. To Kill a Mockingbird, the complete Harry Potter & Narnia sets.

    1. Mockingbird is the perpetual favorite of many people. I enjoyed it more as an adult than as a teen when I first had to read it.
      Love Narnia!

  3. My Bible, Narnia collection, and Anne of Green Gables collecton.

  4. Hi Elizabeth! Oh boy, these kinds of questions make me nervous. I'll try though. The Bible of course, my favorite book of all time is Gone With the Wind. I'd need a book of outright encouragement, so maybe I'd go to creekside and see what they have! LOL!

    Is this a new look for you? Seems like you have a new platform. But, maybe I'm mistaken.
    Anyway, Happy Tuesday!

    1. How funny! These questions always make me nervous too! That's one of the reasons I started doing the Wednesday Hodgepode, it forces me to think.

      Linda at Creekside could only have great choices. I LOVE her blog.

      Good eyes, Ceil, I updated my blog look recently but I'm still on Blogger. My husband thinks it looks sparse. I prefer to think of it as minimalist.

  5. I'm with you. The Bible would be first. Beyond that, I night get to finish my OWN book. :-)

    1. I know you're writing a book, but what is it about?