I Need a Sign

Driving along the road this morning, I saw a series of signs in quick succession:

Rough Road Ahead
Unmarked Pavement Ahead
Uneven Lanes.

Just like life. I thought. There are rough roads, no clear direction, circumstances bounce you up and down.

Wouldn't it be really handy if each day, when faced with a decision or difficult choice, you could look up and see a sign alerting you and guiding you in the direction you should take? I mean, Moses got a burning bush, right?

Nothing fancy, only simple signs like we see every day as we drive.

Pull Over
Wrong Way
Do Not Enter
Right Way
No Through Road
Congestion Ahead
No Exit
Change Lane.

If there actually were life-direction road signs, would we pay attention? I like to think I would, but, like I sometimes ignore or miss road signs altogether, I am afraid I would do the same with life signs.

But, wouldn't it be nice?

Now, speaking of signs, if you have a couple of minutes and need a laugh watch this. By the end you will be convinced that not only should this woman not be allowed behind the wheel, but she should also be in the constant care of a court-appointed guardian.

Have a great Monday.


  1. That deer crossing thing made the rounds on FB awhile back. I cannot believe someone could be that stupid. lol

    1. You kind of wonder how some people manage to function in the world . . .

  2. I think scripture gives us a daily sign. "in this world, you will have trouble, but I have overcome the world." :-) Every day will promise some kind of mischief or problem, but we know who wins, in the end!

    1. Agreed, Mare. But sometimes I would like a burning bush!

  3. that video is hilarious! The deer are just following the signs! What a hoot!

  4. Totally agree with you dear.