A Place Where We All Belong

Welcome to Five Minute Friday. Today's writing prompt is Belong.

Ever since my tobacco store adventure, I've been obsessed with the concept of community. There
is no denying that we want to belong. We need our connection places where our opinion counts, what we think matters, we are nurtured, loved, accepted. The places where we fit.

After the day community became embedded in my brain, I saw it everywhere: church, gangs, clubs, orchestras, teams, families, online groups, on television programs, in movies. Our connecting places are our happy places where we feel most secure and cared about.

My family is probably tired of hearing me shout out, "Community," every time I see another manifestation of it. I can't quite help myself as I continue to plumb the depths of our desire to belong. It is a heart cry, an aching desire to be a part of something - just as God intended.

He means for us to be family. The family of God. Where everyone belongs.

Five Minute Friday

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, It is nice to meet another transitional woman! You put into words so well about "community." You are right; it is what every soul longs for. He has provided it in the Church. I think of this often, too, especially when one considers the place in the church for the elderly-They maintain an important role by teaching the younger generation. Oh how everyone would benefit with more of that. God bless you.

  2. For sure, dear friend, it IS all about community in all its diverse ways, shapes, and forms. It's where we find safety, love, acceptance, encouragement, and spurring on ...

  3. Hi Elizabeth! I LOVE it! That was my take on 'belong' also. It's all about community. Finding the things that we love and living together with that. I didn't string that out to 'family' but you are so right about that too!!

    We are blog twins today :)

    Happy Friday!

  4. Dear Elizabeth
    I firmly believe that until our hearts belong firmly in the love of God, we will always be restless.
    Blessings XX