No Trespassing

I've been thinking about writing a post regarding blogging and privacy, when lo and behold, I read someone else's post about the same topic.

Specifically, I was thinking about family life and struggles and how much could or should be shared in a blog. I don't write about my husband or children too often because I feel I would be robbing them of their privacy. This means that while there are some topics I would like to address, I don't, except in a general fashion.

Part of life and relationships involves trust. As bonds between people grow, more of the deep and important parts of us are shared. I have experienced the violation of trust in a few friendships and backed away from those women. If I trust you with my heart, I feel you should honor that trust.

So sometimes I would like to blog about the weightier challenges in my life, but because they involve the hearts of my family, I keep my writing non-specific or don't deal with the issues at all.

Some bloggers are able and willing to open up their hearts and lives and are comfortable with that level of intimacy. I genuinely applaud their bravery. But if you're reading Transitional-Woman and my struggle-posts seem unspecific or my life appears very tidy, know I am protecting my privacy and the privacy of my family. Their trust is important to me and I treasure it.

Image: artur84/freedigitalphotos.net


  1. you've said it all, my friend.

    we've got to figure out why we write what we write, what's prompting us to share what we're sharing. we've all got to figure out what best honors our family, and even more than that, what truly honors Christ.

    once you hit that publish button, it's open season ...


  2. I totally agree. I truly don't believe family issues need to be aired for all to read. It is sometimes difficult to strike that fine balance of how much to share and what to keep private, but for me, it has to be done. Everyone deserves some privacy.