Dark Rooms

Now that it's spring and the trees have all their leaves, my kitchen is dark most of the day. We have a large maple tree in the backyard and a small woods behind our house that block out the sunshine.

This morning I idly thought, "Most homes have dark rooms." Then I thought, "Most hearts have dark rooms too."

What are the dark rooms in your heart, the places you don't want anyone else to see? These could be sad, traumatic, hurtful, or painful experiences that still ache too much to share with anyone.

They could also be dark thoughts, those places of sin we desire to hide. Would anyone still love us if they could see into those dark rooms? Envy, greed, anger, pride, judgment, lust, just a few of the dark rooms of the heart.

As believers, we know light and darkness cannot exist in the same place. If we are filled with the Holy Spirit (and we are), how can we reconcile the existence of light and darkness in our hearts? We are not fooling God. He knows all about the dark places within, but yet we still try to hide those secret little rooms inside of us.

It seems our dark rooms constantly need to be discovered and broken open. The doors and windows must be opened to let in the light of God's love and forgiveness and let in the fresh, clean breeze of the Holy Spirit to blow away that which is wrong within us. God won't force the locks, we have to willingly open the doors ourselves so He can enter and clean out the dark rooms in our hearts.

Some of my dark rooms have rusty hinges because I have kept them locked tight for too long. It might be time to get some spiritual WD 40 to loosen the hinges so the Lord can go in and do His work letting light into my dark rooms.


  1. It is hard to see the LIGHT when a room is so dark.

  2. I love your use of the metaphor of the dark room Elizabeth. Who among us doesn't have those places?

  3. mmm ... 'rusty hinges.' well said, my friend ...


  4. I was in a new friend's house for the first time recently and saw that her walls are all dark...reds...browns...pretty colors, but so dark, the house look shadowed. I can't imagine living in a space with so little light. I never want to become accustomed to dark places. Being in the light reveals so much. so true of our hearts as well.
    from The Dugout

  5. Great analogy, Elizabeth. Worth some meditation. May we open up all our dark places to the Lord, so that the Holy Spirit can keep them well cleaned out. God bless, Maria

  6. I agree with the others, great analogy. Praise God I think I have opened all the rooms in my heart but I need to check often to see if I have created a dark corner in a once dark room. The flesh is deceptive. Great reminder sister.