What Does it Mean to Worship God?

For the past two years, or so, I have been trying to learn and understand what it means to really worship God. Reading I Exalt You, O God provided another valuable clue on my treasure hunt.

I Exalt You, O God by Jerry Bridges is an excellent book on two levels. First, Bridges, who has authored books on topics such as holiness, grace and sin; takes the time to define what true worship of God is. He states that there are broad and narrow concepts of worship based on how we glorify God. Broad in the sense that we glorify Him by ascribing the adoration He is due, and narrow in the sense that we glorify Him by reflecting His glory to others.

He further describes how and why worship is essential to a Christian's life and growth. As always when I am reading a book discussing matters of God and faith, I am hoping the author will provide scriptural evidence to support his points. Bridges does this extensively.

The second level on which I think I Exalt You, O God has so much value is that the majority of the book does not just discuss worship, but encourages the reader to actually practice worship by providing a 31-day devotional. The devotional includes a short reading passage followed by a prayer and numerous scripture references addressing the topic of that day's devotional reading.

Devotional books are a terrific way to add a fresh injection of energy into a daily prayer time that sometimes feels a little stale or rote. This is the type of book I can imagine myself using again and again when I am looking for a reminder on what it means to truly worship God.

I Exalt You, O God by Jerry Bridges
2001, WaterBrook Press
Christian living, 194 pages

This ebook was provided free of charge by Waterbrook Press eBooks. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. This sounds like an excellent book. Thanks for the review.

  2. Have you read Jesus Calling? A great devotional.