The Story Continues

It's so much fun winning something! As book week continues on Transitional-Woman, I'm happy to be writing about an ebook I recently won and thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Reginald's Tale is a novella written by an opossum and typed by A. E. Howard. The suspenseful, engaging story unfolds Reginald's adventures as he seeks help from a grasshopper army to close the rip he inadvertently opened into the Middle Realm.

Reginald was introduced to us in Flight of Blue, the first installment in Howard's Keeper of the Keys trilogy. He is a rather surly, cantankerous opossum, but in this tale, written by his own hand (paw), we see another side of this small fellow and better understand his curmudgeonly ways.

While Flight of Blue follows the adventures of the humans, Kai and Ellie, as they fight the malevolent forces of the Middle Realm, Reginald's Tale explains what happened to Reginald after they returned him to his municipality to recover from his injuries.

Intrigued? Confused? Why not read Flight of Blue and Reginald's Tale and then you can wait impatiently with me as I wait to read the second installment of the trilogy, The Guardians.

Between chasing chickens off the porch and raising her son, A. E. Howard tells tales of the three Realms and the boy who changed it all.

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