Monday Morning Musings

Happy New Year everyone. Yes, I know the New Year is a week old, but I haven't been writing for the past two weeks and didn't want to miss the opportunity to pray that everyone be blessed with a wonderful new year.

Here are some random thoughts, questions and musings for this first Monday of the new year.
  • Why do the last two weeks of December go faster than the last two weeks of January?
  • Don't ask for beauty advice from a woman with a mustache.
  • How come your computer works fine and then the next time you turn it on, the sucker virtually wilts and expires before your eyes?
  • Have you noticed entertainers and athletes get paid lots more than police, firefighters and teachers? Does this mean we value our ability to be entertained over our safety and intelligence?
  • How come the eyes and knees are the first things to go? I would sacrifice my sense of smell and my appendix instead, if offered the choice.
  • I rarely run out of onions, but frequently run out of toilet paper.
  • Taking a wedding dress to be altered and pressed is a tricky business when the two people working at the store mainly speak Spanish and Korean.
  • Mondays have a bad reputation . . . and they deserve it.
Have a happy Monday and feel free to share some of your own thoughts, questions and musings in the Comment section.

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  1. Happy Monday morning...

    My musing:I hate dye. A skunk stripe down the middle of your head is not appealing. So, I'd better get out the dye anyway. Blah.

    But, other things in life are just so much more important.