Is It Really Only the Beginning of January?

It seems like 2013 has been here for a very, very, long time.

As years go, it really sucks so far.

I can't think of anytime when so many things have gone wrong and so many problems have cropped up in such a tiny amount of time. It's enough to make a woman want to crawl under the bed and stay there until 2014.

But, Transitional Women do not hide under the bed curled up into an itsy-bitsy ball. Besides, there isn't enough room under there.

What Transitional Women do is to pray more and pray harder. They do not let discouragement, dismay and disaster define them or defeat them. They trust in the Lord their God to hold them up and put some steel into their spines.

And today is a better day, so far nothing has gone wrong and a couple of things went great. Maybe there's hope for 2013 after all.

Image: stockimages/freedigitalphotos.net


  1. I kinda know the feeling.Is there room under there for me? Only kidding :) Wishing you brighter days...

  2. Elizabeth, so sorry to hear you are having a rough start to 2013. The great thing is that you know to Whom you must turn. Hoping the year gets brighter from here!

  3. trusting God with you in those dark, unsettling places ... and trusting for springtime to come very, very early this year!

  4. My jan. has been like that too. Started off w/ a bang. The older I get, the less excitement I want. :-)