Mystery Word

Today is Five Minute Friday ... well, wait a minute, it's supposed to be but the Gypsy Mama (Lisa-Jo) is on vacation and we are left without a word prompt.

That's okay.  I decided to grab my dictionary, open it at random, shut my eyes and jab my finger on a word, which would become my very own Five Minute Friday word prompt. I would set my timer and ...Go.
First I had to get the dictionary.  This wasn't all that easy.  We (using that in the royal sense) are still remodeling the bathroom which is next to the family room, which contains the bookshelf where the dictionary lives.

The problem was, the bookshelves are blocked by all the remodeling paraphernalia, tool box, tools, drill, broom, boxes with toilet pieces and so forth.  I was barefoot and didn't desire to impale my foot on some wicked piece of equipment, so I had to proceed with caution, plus it was rather dark down there and I wasn't smart enough to turn on the light.

Dictionary retrieval was successful with no injury to my person.

Here's where the fun starts, I thought.  Open the dictionary, take a stab at the page and - paleontology.  My mama didn't raise no dummy, and I know about lots of things, but I was pretty darn sure I didn't have enough to say about paleontology for five minutes.

That's all right.  Today we're playing by my five minute rules, so I decided to try again.  Nafud.  A desert in the Arabian Peninsula, said Mr. Webster.  I know less about Nafud than I do about paleontology, a lot less.

One more try because the third time is always the charm.  Gorgerin, the part of a column just below the top molding or between the shaft and the capital.  I know a little bit about column capitals, but nothing about gorgerin.

Okay, just one more time.  Avidin, a protein in raw egg white; it can suppress biotin and the growth of certain bacteria.  How interesting.  I obviously need to study the dictionary more often because there seem to be a lot of words I don't know.

Should I try again?  Oh, forget it, a lot more than five minutes have passed by now and I'm feeling intellectually inferior.  I'll just go fold some clean laundry.  I know how to do that.


  1. Haha - I knew the first one only because Ross on friends was a paleontologist! lol

    Where is your google friends connect so I can follow you?


  2. love the story of what you ended up doing with your 5 minutes!

  3. Maureen, Chatty, Linda - glad you enjoyed reading this. I had a blast writing it too.