Mirror, Mirror ...

Today we have a special guest, my friend Lynden from An Elegant Touch, with a unique transitions post. 

Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you, I will sustain you and I will rescue you.
Isaiah 46:4
“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall –
      Where’s the Young Woman who had such Great Hope for it all?...”

When was it that she had walked through That Door?
You know – That Door that led from the busy-every-single-moment-of
      every-single-day –cooking-baking-cleaning, piles-of-laundry, 
            never-ending-yard-work, monitoring-homework-and-chores – 
      constant-chatter-and-laughter-of children -
      showing-guidance, teaching-values, loving-more-than-life Door -
      That Door that led from that wonderful, hope-filled, comfortable,
            fulfilling place of Then – 
                  to this place of Now…

This place of empty, quiet, alone, unneeded, unwanted, uncared-about and
       uncared-for –
      This place that might be for Others, but not HER –
      For those who had not cared-enough, tried-hard-enough, done-enough,
      But SHE had. And more.

So she had never expected to go through That Door – from vibrant living to not ‘living’ at all.
      Merely existing. Watching. Waiting. Wondering.
      Wondering how SHE had walked through That Door –
            making the transition to This…

She knew that God was with her.
      She talked to Him ‘without ceasing’ in this Now, even as she always had
            in the Then. 
      She still didn’t have answers as to how she had come to This –
            where she’d made the ‘wrong turn in the road’ that had led her to
      Hopefully, He would let her know – sooner, rather than later.

Yes, God was Here in the dark of the night – in the empty of the day –
He was the One Who had brought her thus far –
      and He would walk with her until the Next Door opened –
      and He welcomed her Home. Even so…

    Lynden Blossom, a paper-artist who blogs at An Elegant Touch, describes herself as, "a mature, educated, creative woman - a Mother of two grown children, a Gramama of two precious grandchildren, a proud Blue Star Mother of a Marine Captain, a daughter of the King of Kings - a woman looking for her place in the world in the winter of her life."

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