A Little Bit of a Cheat

Can I tell you that it's been pretty hairy lately?  I can't seem to string together enough minutes to write a meaningful, thought-provoking post.  But because I covenanted with myself that I would faithfully post three times a week, this is what's up today.

For your viewing pleasure (I hope), I'm posting pictures of my flower gardens.  How does this tie-in to transitions?  The season is changing from spring to summer and this is how it looks in my world.  (Please forgive my cheat and I hope you enjoy my non-professional photos).

Did you notice the little white cabbage moth?

Happy Summer


  1. It's Lovely!! I sooooo miss my MI garden and yard! Thanks for sharing Yours and your thoughts!! ;-}

  2. I think your photos are great! Such beautiful flowers. And so many types, you are lucky!

  3. Thanks all for your lovely comments!