Faster than the Speed of Light

Here's a quick change for you.  Nine days ago we were attending my son's high school graduation and today I am with him at the university of his choice for freshman orientation.  There wasn't even time to bask in the glow of his and my achievement.  Him for graduating high school, me for graduating my fourth and last homeschooler from high school.

We barely finished eating the graduation cake.

(This is me being bored, but older and more wrinkles ) Image source 
I'm not sure what to expect from this two-day event, which I confess I didn't want to attend.  I suspect there is yet another campus tour involved, yet another lecture on letting go (I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready to empty the nest), yet another discussion on paying for college  (did someone mention loans?), yet another explanation of meal plans, and so on.

Perhaps they'll surprise us clinging parents with some heretofore unexpected piece of information that will have made two days of sitting and listening to lectures worthwhile.  Or maybe this is just a reminder of what college feels like, sitting for looong periods of time listening to lectures.

One son asked, "Are you bringing your Kindle?"

And another son asked, "Are you bringing your Kindle?"  Do these men know me or what?

I'll let you know if there are any surprises.

And I have to confess that while my son is experiencing for one night (yet again) "what it is like to live in a dorm" I am looking forward to an evening in the hotel all by myself.  With my Kindle.


  1. Kindles are good. :) So, there is a bright spot! I've never had to do one of those orientations. I think I'd be bringing my Kindle too.

  2. My Kindle has proven useful on more than one occasion involving kids' activities. College orientation is definitely one of those times when it is invaluable :-)