Exiting in Embarrassment

I feel exhausted of ideas and extremely embarrassed that I'm unable to exercise my brain and extend myself enough to produce an excellent post about the letter X.  After all it is day 24 of the Blogging A to Z Challenge.

I could explicate on The X-Files, but I've never watched it.  I have nothing memorable to express about x-rays, except that I've only ever had dental x-rays.  Perhaps I should write in excruciating detail about xenophobia and its evils, or  being a xenophile, something I know quite a lot about, thanks to the BBC.

Wait a minute, should I extemporize about Xanthan Gum?  I've conducted research on this substance because it seems to insert itself into a plethora of food products.  But, no, it's not all that intoxicating to read about.

I could always expound on xenon, which is one of the noble gases.  Don't you like that phrase, a noble gas?  It makes me wonder whether the other gases on the periodic table of elements are ignoble.

In my search for the definitive X-word, I encountered Xanthippe, who was Socrates' wife.  Apparently, her name is synonymous with a quarrelsome and nagging wife.  I have no knowledge or experience in this realm.

Did you know a lot of words related to botany start with X?  There are xylan, xylem and xylose; xylotomy (which is something like a tree lobotomy); xanthein, xanthone and xanthophyll and probably a whole band of others.  Unfortunately, the exhilaration value of these words is limited, at best.

I'm afraid I am going to have to excuse myself and exit.  I will focus my efforts on executing a scintillating exhibit for the letter Y.

Blogging A to Z Challenge, the letter X


  1. An exceedingly exemplary and exquisite expression of examples of 'X' - as always, an exhilarating experience! ;-]

    1. You should have done the A-Z too. Next year!

  2. That was amusing... visiting from a to z.

  3. Well done. I think you captured the experience many of us had with X. I too learned a few words I had not known before in my quest to find something inspiring.

    It helped knowing there are only two days left!