A Gift Unearned

This weeks's Five Minute Friday writing prompt - Gift

With Easter fast approaching, I can't help but think of the word gift in terms of Jesus' death and resurrection. Talk about a gift.  I mean, who else would die for me?  Would I be willing to die for anyone else?  Would I be willing to take on everyone else's sins, past, present and future and then be humiliated, tortured and killed slowly?

I am humbled by my arrogance in accepting this as a matter of course most days.  Our Savior died a horrible death ... for me.  And I don't even apprcieate it most of the time let alone actually stop and think about it.

I've been given the ultimate gift of love.  How often do I say thank you?  How often do I tell anyone else how they can have the gift too?

I am thankful to have been forced to stop and think today.  I am humbled that He thought I was worth saving, because, really, I'm not.  And that's what makes the gift so valuable.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder to stop and reflect on how costly this gift was to Him and how freely I am able to receive it.

  2. I need this reminder most every day!