From Pianos to Yarn

I paid a visit to my local yarn store last week, not because I needed anything, but because it just makes me happy to be there, and because yarn stores aren't usually very busy, I had a nice long conversation with the owner.

I am relatively new to knitting so only discovered this tiny, little shop tucked into the corner of a plaza about a year ago.  The previous owner, who was expecting her third child, decided she needed to be home to raise her young family and made the transition from business owner to stay at home mom.

The new owner, recently retired from a 33-year career with the federal government, but still young and with no desire to actually retire yet, thought it was the perfect business opportunity for her.  We started talking about life transitions.  I shared with her about the pivotal place I am in my life (ending a homeschooling career, facing an emptying nest, but still with a lot of good years ahead of me).  And she shared some of her story with me.

In addition to an exciting career with the government, she was also a concert pianist and had a music studio in her home where she taught piano.  After doing this for many years, she began having problems with her wrists and wasn't able to play piano anymore.  A friend of hers apparently sensing her need for a new creative outlet, taught her how to paint.  She had one of her lovely paintings in the shop.

She also shared that in the midst of a life she has loved and found fulfilling and exciting, she also endured the death of her 23-year-old son from a heart attack.

And now, here she is the owner of a yarn shop.  The next step, she said, will be to sell the shop in about five years when her husband retires and spend their time together enjoying each other and life.

I'm sure when she was a brand new college graduate she never envisioned the places life would take her and the varied careers she would have.  This is the exciting part about transitions.  Things we could never dream of sometimes happen.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the stories - yes, many of us have multiple transitions - and most of them surprises! Perhaps You'll transition to 'yarn shop owner' in 5 years...?? ;-)