Change of Plans

All morning I had this great idea for what I felt was a funny post.  And I still plan to write it sometime soon, but I changed my mind because of three pieces of news I heard this afternoon.

Three women I know are facing serious surgery.  One, on Wednesday, for  recurring brain cancer.  Another, very soon, possibly this week, for spinal surgery .  The third, date undetermined, for yet another skin cancer, she had one removed last week.

All of them are strong women of faith, but these are heavy crosses to bear.  They may stumble and sometimes fall as they walk these dangerous roads but I know they won't be walking alone.  The one who bore the heaviest cross of all will be carrying their crosses with them.

Pray with me for them this week.

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  1. I am sorry to hear this, Elizabeth! I will pray with you for them - I'm sure they are glad you are 'there with them' during these hard days... Look forward to another, happier day for your other post... Hugggzzz and prayers -

  2. Praying with you. Most definitely.