I've been thinking about...

the concept of Women's Ministries in churches and while thinking about it, started to wonder what really is the purpose of Women's Ministry?  Is it to minister to women involved in the group or is it for the women in a church to minister to others? 

I have never been actively involved with a Women's Ministries group since I became a Christian mainly because I have been busy with giving birth to and raising four children, being a full-time home-maker, a full-time homeschool teacher, a part-time employee, a volunteer in numerous groups, and a part-time self-employed person.  It's hard to squeeze in anything else.

But I have been actively involved in ministering to women.

Large ViewNot to brag about myself, because I know who I really am, but in the past several years I have helped women pack, clean and move out of old houses and than move, clean and unpack in their new houses.  I have cleaned homes and done laundry for sick women.  I have baby-sat their children in emergencies.  I have helped them fold their laundry.  I have tried to share time from my busy day because I know they've needed company.  I have made meals and shared baked goods.  I have shopped for them.  I have condoled with them when they have grieved.  I have tried to listen without judging when they have needed to share their burdens.

If that's not Women's Ministry, what is?

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