In the Company of Friends

Yesterday I attended a funeral.  It was the sixth since March.  This time it was for a friend's mom who went to be with her Lord after a lengthy illness.  
There are so many emotions and memories you experience at a funeral, remembering those who have left us long ago and not so long ago. 
Despite coming home and feeling really, really exhausted, I felt something else.  I was surprisingly refreshed.  I had just spent several hours in the company of women with whom I've shared many homeschooling experiences over the years. 

We have prayed for each others children when they're gone astray, prayed through dangerous surgeries, brought meals when there has been a new baby, been to each others childrens' weddings and more. 
I've know these women for about nine years, but some of them have known each other much longer and have experienced even more together.
I think, though, what I really felt was gratitude.  I've been given the privilege of being a part of an incredible company of women.

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