The Original Reason

The reason I originally started this blog was to explore my life changes.  I have homeschooled for many years, but this year will be the last because my son will graduate from high school.  And so I wonder (and continue to wonder) what comes next?
No answers, so far.
But two interesting things have happened.  I have faced transitions this year that I never imagined and they are having a huge impact on me.
The first transition was the death of my mother.  In some ways I lost her several years ago as dementia set in and she no longer knew who I was.  I've said before that it's an odd feeling to realize you are now an orphan.  Is anyone ever ready for this?
The second transition is the loss of friends.  I blogged earlier this summer about two friends who have recently moved.  I now have a third friend to add to the list.  Each woman is special to me in a distinctly different way and each has enriched my life.
I think I now have more friends who live in other states than live near.

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