Moving Ahead

We've made it through the earthquake and Irene, that's last week's news, now.

This week our final year of homeschooling started.  So far a smooth beginning, but first weeks usually are.  The extra classes and activities haven't started so it is easier to focus on the meat and potatoes.

College searching continues, SAT's and SAT II tests are looming ahead this fall to be quickly followed by college applications.

I'm savoring this week, it's like the calm before the storm.

In knitting news, I have so far only met one of my knitting goals for this year.  The three goals were: learn to knit socks (mission accomplished - can't wait to start a new pair, grown-up people sized this time not mini tutorial socks), entrelac, and fair isle.  I will accomplish fair isle by the end of this year since I plan to make a Christmas gift hat.  Pattern, yarn and needles all purchased and ready to go.  But first I am working on the easier Christmas knitting.  One cowl flying along with plans to finish this weekend. Another to go.

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