Sunflower Wednesday Hodgepodge

August and sunflowers and county fairs are linked in my mind. I think of this as the second part of summer. July 4th is long gone, flower and vegetable gardens are starting to look a little tired and hot, and although autumn is still many weeks away, heat-weary trees are dropping a few yellow leaves here and there foreshadowing the coming season. So let's squeeze the most out of the rest of the summer with Joyce's questions this week From This Side of the Pond.

1. My daughter earned her Master's Degree this past weekend...what's something you've 'mastered' in recent weeks or months?
Procrastination. Oh, no, actually I mastered that years ago.
I can't think of anything I've mastered recently. That means I'd better get busy because I hate to look back at the end of a year and realize I haven't learned how to do something new.

2. What song most reminds you of your childhood?
My Baby Does the Hanky Panky by Tommy James and the Shondells. I remember dancing around the kitchen as a little girl waving around one of my fancy, little handerchiefs (my relatives always used to give them to me for gifts. Who knows why?) and dancing. I was quite the little showoff who obviously didn't know what hanky panky was all about.

3. What do you think about single gender groups and/or events? Should everygroup/event be open to both genders?  If not, what sort of exceptions do you think are appropriate?
Nothing wrong with single gender gatherings in my book. It would be awkward attending a bridal lingerie shower with a man in the room, ya know?

4. What's your favorite spice? Your favorite dish containing your favorite spice?
Cilantro! It tastes and smells so fresh. I like it in almost any Mexican food dish, especially recipes that contain black beans.

5.  I saw this question on Marla's facebook page and asked if I could steal borrow it for the Hodgepodge...thanks Marla!  
Chevron patterns are everywhere!  Do you like it or think its just a little too much? Do you own anything 'chevron'? 
I don't own anything with a chevron pattern and feel quite neutral about it.

6.  What's something you disliked as a child, but can fully appreciate now?
I despised squash to the point where I gagged when I ate it; however, I absolutely love it now.

7. What can irritate you very quickly?
Little repetitious noises, like someone drumming their fingers, drive me up the wall.

8.  Insert your own random thought here
I broke our air conditioning system by fiddling with the temp too much (what can I say, I was vacuuming and got really hot). We have been without since Friday. Fortunately, the repairman is scheduled to come today. We are blessed because although it has been hot and humid, it hasn't been miserably hot and horribly humid.


  1. Oh my. I wouldn't have survived without air conditioning that many days.

    1. Fortunately it was fixed today. But, of course, it was cool and windy so I didn't need it.

  2. I always do that, one minute I'm sweating in the kitchen the next I'm bundled up in 5 blankets on the couch. Our electricity bill reflects this...

    Also love your song choice. Just the words "hanky panky" make me think of my mom.

    1. There is something wrong with the female internal thermostat, I think.

  3. My hubs met Tommy James once, got to go to his studio for some work thing. Tiffany almost ruined "I Think We're Alone Now" for me with her remake : ) Ha-smiling at my daughter's comment above.

    1. I pretty much don't like remakes of anything. Choosing that song really dated me didn't it?

  4. Replies
    1. Since dying wasn't an option, we just had to soldier on :)