No Hodgepodge, but How About Lancaster County?

There's no Wednesday Hodgepodge blog hop today, so we'll talk about fun times from the weekend instead.

Basically, I stink when it comes to remembering to take pictures at events or on vacations, so I might have to do some photo borrowing to illustrate our great weekend in Lancaster County, PA. My daughter and I have traveled to this largely Amish and Mennonite area for two previous weekend adventures and have always had a different experience.

 We wanted to start at the Green Dragon Farmers Market in Ephrata, PA so that's where we headed first. I think it's only open on Fridays so it's crowded, but enjoyable. Imagine a giant flea market/farmers market both indoors and out and you've got an accurate picture. It was past our lunchtime by the time we arrived and we were hungry, so we did what everyone does in Lancaster, eat. There was a 1960s vintage-looking, Woolworth's type of restaurant in the main building so we chowed down quickly so we wouldn't waste a moment of fun.

The shopping commenced. We found some Mango Mandarin Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works for $5 that smells good enough to eat, so naturally we both bought some.  I brought some tote bags that we loaded with meat, cheese, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. My best deal was apricots for .79 a pound, which unfortunately froze a bit since I put them too close to the freezer part of our hotel's mini refrigerator. That's okay, we ate them anyway and had plenty to bring home.

Our feet were unhappy by then, so we passed by the auction area and had our first auction experience. The auctioneer really does talk funny just like you hear in the movies. At one point I scratched my head and was terrified that I might have just bid on a stuffed McDonald's Hamburgler. I sat rigid, eyes down, and didn't breathe freely until I heard the bid go up.

In a moment of spontaneity, we decided to see if there were any tickets available for Sight and Sound Theatre. We'd both heard about it for years and everyone seems to love it, so despite the very pricey tickets, we decided to go. That meant a quick dash to Katie's Kitchen for dinner and the fun of sitting at the counter like the regulars since we didn't have time to wait for a table. What can I say? Amish and Mennonite cooking is yum. Loaded with starch, but very yum. My daughter and I are somewhat amused by the contradictions between the Amish desire and practice of a simple lifestyle and their use of websites and social media to advertise their businesses. I suspect they constantly struggle to find the right balance.

Off to Sight and Sound to see Noah. Wow. It was everything everyone ever told us it would be. At first we were a little concerned it would be a hokey, religious presentation, but as we became involved in the story of Noah and his desire to follow God's will and build an ark, we found it to be challenging and touching. Would we be as willing as Noah to build an ark just because God told us to? It's hard to tell by the picture, but the way the stage was set up, we were surrounded on three sides by stalls filled with animals - models and animatronic. It felt like we were sitting in the ark. As the ark was being loaded they also used many live animals. Pretty amazing.

Lots more to tell, but this is already getting quite lengthy. Needless to say we had a wonderful time together as we always do. It will be the last time for a while, but more about that soon.


  1. You did a great job recapping your trip to Lancaster here. My family visits every year, usually in October. Sight and Sound is pricey, but does a fabulous job. The live animals lend a touch of reality the kids adore.

    We usually visit Rueter's Market which sounds a whole lot like Green Dragon, (tons of yummy food and auction in the evening). My girls LOVE to go to auction. Last year they bid on ten pounds of broccoli for $2.00. I think I still have some in my freezer! LOL

    As far as the Amish, my girls thought it was so comical to see the teenagers at the market in full traditional garb, except for their feet. The Amish teens we encountered were all wearing either Nikes, Sketchers or Crocs. My daughters wondered how that concession was worked out :)

    1. I only wrote about Friday, didn't even begin to touch on the rest of the weekend!
      We are also amused to see the Amish women in flip flops too. It looks so incongruous.

  2. Replies
    1. It was a great time. One of our favorite mother/daughter get-aways.

  3. I didn't appreciate a trip to Lancaster PA when I was in 11th grade w/ my parents on spring vacation. All my friends were on a trip to Scotland & England on a high school chorus trip, so yeah, I was more than miserable being dragged around farm country for a week. I'd probably love it now. I do remember the food though and you are right, YUM. Comfort food to the max.

    1. I know I wouldn't have enjoyed Lancaster County as a teen, but I love it now.

  4. My husband and I visited Sight and Sound for the first time ever a few years ago. We saw Joseph, and it was wonderful! We would love to go back again. Others have told us that the Noah show is one of the best.

  5. I love the Amish lifestyle...so simple and unassuming. so appreciative of God's gifts. So humble. My daughter went to Rosemont College in PA, and saw the Amish influence often.