Why I Love the Doctor

Do you like the Doctor? Which Doctor you ask? You know. . . the Doctor, Doctor Who. Doctor Who?

I hope I won't get in trouble for using this picture, but you can't write about the Doctor without at least one picture (this one shows my two favorite Doctors). 

Doctor Who is arguably the most popular science fiction drama ever aired. It was first shown on BBC TV in 1963, went off the air in 1989, reappeared in 2005 and is still going strong.

I have never been a science fiction fan, but that is another transition in my life. Because of my sons' influence I have been introduced to television, movies, and music I might never have explored on my own. Thanks to my sons, I am now a huge Doctor fan.

One of the reasons I love Doctor Who is because it is simply a superbly written show. The main characters, and often the secondary characters, are well-developed, the plots are unique with humor and drama subtly intertwined, and the special-effects are great.

There is another reason, my real reason, for loving the Doctor. It is because of the show's emphases on loyalty and family and not necessarily family one is born into. (I should clarify that I watch the newer series that began in 2005 and don't know too much about the original series.) 

If you have never watched the Doctor, start in the 2005 season with Christopher Eccleston, the ninth Doctor. It won't be long until you're debating with your fellow viewers over who is the best Doctor and who is your favorite Doctor's companion (mine is Martha).

Do you love the Doctor too? Who is your favorite? 


  1. Never watched it, seriously think he's rather strange.

  2. Like you, my son recently introduced me to the Doctor and I, also like you, it has quickly become my favorite. :) My favorite is Matt Smith.