Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder why you blog? Sometimes I do.

I often read comments left on one of my posts and see writers contributing amazing points I never considered or restating something I wrote in such a perfect and profound fashion that I throw up my hands and think, "Girl, you should leave this to the big kids and go get a job selling wallpaper."

There are amazing writers out there in bloggerland who spend their free time slaving over their novels in progress and work full-time besides. How do they do it? Not only do they fit a blog into their lives, but they write so darn well.

I'm not striving anymore to have thousands of followers or plotting and planning how to make money from my blog (not that I would mind, of course). There are too many people who do this lots better than me to imagine that one of my blog posts will go viral.

So, I'm just going to continue on living my life, thinking about how I can write about my experiences and observations in an interesting bloggerly fashion. And learning, I plan to keep on learning how to think and write in a way that interests and sometimes amuses those lovely people who take time to read what I write.


  1. maybe we blog best when we are simply being ourselves with no thought to what everyone else and their brother are producing ...

    i so enjoy stopping in ...

  2. E - I'm so 'with You' on your thoughts today... I wonder Every day whether ANYthing I've ever done has 'mattered' - Yet there's nothing to do but keep on going and trying to do whatever I do to the 'best of MY ability' - not someone else's...which is hard often... ;-} I've appreciated Many of your thoughts, although I don't Comment every time - for lack of time, usually... Hugggzzz -

  3. I have written several times, that my posts are a form of practice. I practice writing, and am very grateful to anyone who is willing to read my stumbling efforts, like the pianist tripping over the keys. Each topic, each thought is an experiment. A way for me to get the thoughts out and the words put together in some intelligible (I hope) form. So, we will keep practicing, yes? - I appreciate all the thoughts you share.

  4. I enjoy your blog, too, and your writing style. I'm not much for flowery, poetic prose.
    And I'm totally on board with your approach to blogging as a way to share your thoughts as opposed to making money and acquiring fame.
    Seems to me that when we get past those purposes, it's easier to connect with readers and with each other.
    Thanks for sharing your heart today.

  5. I've been thinking about blogging about this topic. Why waste your time writing a blog and reading books? My short answer is because we are salt and light, because it gives us a voice, and because it is a discipline (sort of like journaling).

  6. Yep, sometimes blogging about your life doesn't seem interesting enough! I, too, admire bloggers who have good messages every post. In the end, we all just want to be heard. :-)