How Great is the Love the Father has Lavished on Us

The second candle for the second week of Advent is the love candle. The word love is seriously over-used in the United States. We love pizza, we love our favorite movie, we love Christmas.

Love is intrinsically tied into Christmas celebrations. We presume Mary loved Jesus. We love people in our lives and want to buy them presents to show them love at Christmastime. We love Jesus. God loves us. There's a lot of lovin' going on, but do we actually comprehend the meaning of love? 

Love isn't only warm feelings and presents and caring and close relationships with others. True love, God love, is sacrificial. Sacrificial love isn't warm and fuzzy.  

Jesus loved us enough to leave heaven.
I wouldn't do that. 
Would you leave heaven and come live on earth?

God loved us enough to give up His Son to a horrible death. For people who don't deserve that kind of sacrifice, that kind of love.

Jesus was born to die. For us. Because that is true love. 


  1. We just talked about this with Andy this am - it was on his religion test - and we were explaining what a concept it was! Phew. Awesome gift.


    1. What a great opportunity to talk to him about God's love.

  2. Very true. We throw the word LOVE around like it's nothing. Like it's lust, or gluttony, or whatever. True love is exhibited only through God's actions. We can only truly love if we know Him.