Grasping for the Goodness

Five Minute Friday - Today's word prompt is GRASP

It's running out fast, is time, so we need to grasp hold of the goodness life offers.

Grasp hold of the moments because they are here, and then gone, and you never know if you'll have more.

Grasp the opportunities that every day offers because they may not come again.

Grasp love when it's given to you.  It is precious and sustaining.

Grasp adventures and chances; be daring, take a risk, don't waste away because you are afraid.

Grasp friendship in all its forms, even with people who make you feel uncomfortable.  They will make you grow.

Grasp hold of the future and leave the past where it belongs.

Grasp joy.  The alternative drags you down and sucks away happiness.

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  1. Grasping friendship spoke to me. Thank you!!!

    1. Loved your 5 Minute post. Your honesty is overwhelming.

  2. love all those good things we can grab hold of!

    thanks for saying it so well!

  3. Grasping adventure and taking a chance really hit home for me today! Starting up my blog again today after 2 years! A little scary but this was a great affirmation that I need to keep going! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Alison. It's hard to keep up with everything and a blog too! I hope you find the time you need to share your thoughts in writing.

  4. Replies
    1. Praying for you and your needs during this hard time in your life.

  5. I think you have done a great job on sharing what grasp means to you. Very nicely written..